A Performance for the Reimagining Tradition Series hosted by Open Source Gallery. October 2017. New York City
During "Excavate/Activate," Kelly seeks a mindful relationship between individuals, their bodies, and the spaces they occupy. Through a participatory performance she guides members of the public on a path in which points along the way are activated with intimate movement-based rituals. Sited along Newtown Creek, an industrial waterway with a long history of pollution, Kelly invites the participants to practice being within the self amidst an imperfect landscape. A reflection on modern society's relationship to the city, nature, and the locations, with their histories, we navigate.

"Reimagining Tradition" is a program developed by Open Source Gallery to highlight intersections between socially engaged art and ritual practice through a series of site-specific projects by New York City-based artists. Pieces in "Reimagining Tradition" defy the constraints of traditional gallery exhibitions and blur modern distinctions between art and the sacred. Photos: Anja Matthes

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